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Personnel management becomes "smart" for company specializing in heat treatments

In a medium-large company with a strong family "traction", personnel management is a very important aspect of the overall governance of business processes.

After thirty years of entrepreneurial growth accompanied by a consequent expansion of the workforce, TTN Group decided to rely on Inaz – the Italian company specializing in software and solutions for administering, managing and organizing work – to make the area of human resources and, in particular, the functions of payroll and attendance more efficient and effective. How? “Over time, our company has built up a chain of industrial activities related to heat treatments, coatings, processing (forging, turning, polishing and drilling) and the sale of steels,” says Ernesto Pirovano, founder of the Nerviano-based company in 1978 and still at the helm today along with his children Marco and Elisabetta. The TTN Group currently consists of seven companies that employ about 350 people, located in various plants in northern Italy, and at the end of 2013 recorded an aggregate turnover of about 40 million euros. Precisely the integration between the different activities, for example the ion nitriding department of TTN with the surface coatings of CRT, has made possible the development and refinement of heat treatment cycles on tool steels, aimed at obtaining the best metallurgical characteristics and targeted to the subsequent surface treatment.

The solutions

For several years,” explains Gianni Giannetta, head of human resources, “the management of payroll was entrusted to a historic supplier, but at the beginning of the 2000s we came into contact with Inaz, whose tools and training activities we had begun to learn about in the area of personnel cost analysis.

So we decided to adopt the program to detect and manage the attendance/absence of our employees, and then, since 2011, we have also implemented, the dedicated software for personnel administration and processing of payroll & contributions.


It was a revolution, the implementation of a general improvement fostered by an innovation that made the management of human resources easier, more precise and timely.” Among the aspects of greatest impact determined by the adoption of the Inaz “dashboard”, Giannetta identifies at least three: “First of all, the rapidity and security of information flows: thanks to the system of presence detection, we can know in real time the conditions of operational presence of our plants and monitor the fluctuations of production costs. Secondly, the program guarantees such clarity and readability of the payroll that it has drastically reduced any criticality linked to requests for clarification or other problems in relations with personnel. Finally, we have obtained a considerable simplification of our administrative system, because the Inaz tools generate simple and streamlined procedures and constantly provide ad hoc analysis and reports”.

Such has been the overall benefit found by TTN Group in its relationship with Inaz, that the next step is already in the launch platform: the entry into the world of Inaz Analytics, the Business Intelligence solution for the dynamic navigation of administrative data and the analysis of the main indicators of the Payroll and HR area.

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