HE Welfare Cloud solution for corporate welfare

The complete cloud solution to design, implement and manage a Corporate Welfare plan.

Welfare portal to increase employee well-being

The cloud platform with social features, designed to make Corporate Welfare feasible for all companies.

The web portal HE Welfare, born from the collaboration between INAZ and Timeswapp (a company specialized in the realization of services and tools for Corporate Welfare) is a cloud platform with social features, designed to make Corporate Welfare achievable by all organizations, without limits of size.

Well-being in the workplace involves, in the rethinking of organizational and cultural models, large and small companies, professional firms, employees and service networks that become the main actors in the social transformation of our economic model.

The objective is to create greater attention to people’s needs, propose a new way of communicating with employees and collaborators, expand the range of services offered to better reconcile the work-life balance and offer useful tools for professional development.

The basket of services for the implementation of a corporate welfare plan

The range of welfare and social services is really wide: from transport, medical assistance, nursery and kindergarten to leisure facilities, family services, scholarships for children, training courses and so on.

HE Corporate Welfare: the features

  • All the necessary functions, available at all times and with historical depth: organization and company organization chart, selection and management of candidates, training, personnel evaluation, safety, company assets, employee portal.
  • Performance appraisal: advanced job design for managing profiles and scorecards, skills, performance, knowledge, and goals.
  • Organizational support: manages the entire training process and safety procedures through specific workflows; builds and defines the management of organizational charts and function charts with historical depth.

HE Corporate Welfare: THE DELIVERY MODES

The software is accessible via the web, with no installation required and customizable to the specific needs of the customer.

The HE Welfare web portal allows, through the acquisition of welfare services by companies and employees, the creation of networks for the provision of services and collaboration between users.

The advantages

  • Savings: the Stability Law has enhanced the tax benefits provided for in articles 51 and 100 of the Consolidated Income Tax Act, which envisage the total or partial elimination of taxation and social security contributions for employees and the company, on specific goods and services, with a view to Gross = Net
  • Family-work reconciliation: by meeting the daily needs of employees, the solution builds a corporate welfare plan that frees up valuable time and facilitates the reconciliation of work and private life
  • Motivation: encourages employee engagement, satisfaction and improvement of the company climate with positive returns on company productivity
  • Increased purchasing power: it allows employees to purchase goods and services from selected and approved suppliers at a lower price than the market price.
  • Relationships: fosters relationships with all stakeholders (workers, unions, community), strengthens its image, generating positive and virtuous external economies

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The cloud platform with social features, designed to make Corporate Welfare feasible for all companies.

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