INAZ history

Since 1948 at the side of companies

INAZ is Business Innovation. Since 1948. A wealth of know-how built up over seventy years alongside companies and HR professionals.

INAZ history

Since 1948 at the side of companies

INAZ is Business Innovation. Since 1948. A wealth of know-how built up over seventy years alongside companies and HR professionals.

Our story begins in 1948, in those difficult and extraordinary times. Italy had to be rebuilt and with it its entrepreneurial fabric. In the companies of that time, the offices that dealt with personnel were disorganized, unprepared to meet the challenges of modernity. We needed more agile tools, more efficient processes, faster procedures.

In a word, innovation was needed.

INAZ is Business Innovation. Since 1948.

Inaz is business innovation since when Valerio Gilli and Clara Calissano give life to a new company with an ambitious goal: to help companies to grow on solid bases, organizing work and people management with rationality, but also with the maximum attention to the individual.

It all began with the conception of a new, efficient, worker-centric payroll system: an idea that would soon be successfully adopted on a large scale by Italian companies. Inaz was the first company in Italy to specialize in a field that only later would be called Human Resources, or HR . Over the years, the company has built up an unparalleled wealth of skills and professionalism.

In the seventies it became the first company in the sector to embrace the Information Technology revolution, beginning a prestigious partnership with Olivetti and then launching the first fully computerized solution for payroll procedures.

In the Eighties, characterized by the development of the commercial network throughout Italy, there is also the generational change, with Linda Orsola, daughter of Valerio Gilli and Clara Calissano, who builds her career in the company up to become president and managing director.

There have been many innovations over the years: the development of new solutions for personnel management,training activities, and an increasingly consistent civil and cultural presence.

Acquisitions of other companies and startups create the Inaz Group while the company, in the new millennium, lives another revolution: the digital one. To carry it on, more and more, will be the third generation of Inaz, already represented in the company by Ludovica and Valerio Busnach, grandchildren of the founders. It is with this attitude that Inaz looks to the future: because being innovative means always looking for new and better ways to do things, with creative intelligence and the will to build the future together.


A wealth of knowledge built up over seventy years alongside companies and Human Resources professionals.

Here’s the knowledge we make available to every organization (companies, PAs and employment consultants):


The development of software and services always starts from two elements: the deep knowledge of the market needs and the creative ability, that is the ability to conceive, imagine and above all implement new solutions, easy to use and immediately applicable.


We’ve been in the HR market forever. In addition to solutions, we know how to competently govern the HR and Payroll service. We manage, with different levels of customization, these processes for our customers who can then devote their resources and energy to the core business.


Labor, tax, welfare, business and government regulations are complex and constantly evolving. The Inaz Study Center is made up of experts in labor law and taxation who put their skills in interpreting the law at the service of the development of solutions, editorial products and training for personnel specialists.


Thanks to the wealth of expertise acquired over the years, we can offer valuable help to companies of all sizes and sectors and guide them in the management of Human Resources. The wide range of HR and Payroll solutions and services is accompanied by customized actions of technical, organizational, administrative, fiscal, social security, contractual and union consulting.


Continuous professional development is the key to being able to work well in the world of Human Resources. We transfer our knowledge through qualified training with courses, seminars and study days throughout Italy. In addition, we spread the culture of enterprise with the volumes of the Inaz Small Business Library, which collect the testimonies of authoritative protagonists of the academic and entrepreneurial world.

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