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Outsourcing of personnel administration services for every business need

HR Outsourcing

Inaz offers organizations of all types a complete range of Outsourcing services designed for every need, thanks to a team of specialists able to guide the company’s business.

Outsourcing business processes, such as payroll processing and time and attendance, helps you spend more time on your core business. In the last five years we have doubled the number of clients and the area turnover thanks to the constant evolution in terms of managerial and operational skills, experience on specific issues, technologies and infrastructures. An impeccable service and the continuous improvement of the company organization are part of the pact that Inaz proposes to its customers.

HR Outsourcing: The features

Inaz offers a full range of outsourced services including:

  • ATTENDANCE: A complete service for the collection, verification and balancing of staff attendance and absence, with the management of receipts and related reasons. Available on various service levels, we offer complete coverage of all client needs and proper data preparation for monthly coupon processing.
  • TRANSFERS AND EXPENSES NOTES: Service of control of the expenses notes in comparison to the business politics with calculation of the per diems and the allowances and verification of the justifications in comparison to what inserted in the notes expenses from the staff.
    Creation of interfaces to payroll and accounting with production of the SEPA file for the employee.
    Reporting service with the ability to perform travel data analysis through the dedicated Inaz Analytics dashboard.
  • AGENT MANAGEMENT: The service that, safely and in compliance with tax obligations and fulfillments, provides commission and contribution calculations for commercial agents, generates printouts, invoices and shares documents on the Agent Portal. All information is up-to-date and easily searchable, and this is complemented by payments, exports to accounting, and termination statements.
    The service allows the calculation of commissions, contributions, certifications and allowances, the processing of invoices, the management of payments and severance payments as well as the Immediate calculation of the compensation for the termination of the agency contract!
    In addition, the organizations through the service made available by Inaz will have the opportunity to count the meritocratic indemnity, supplementary clientele, in lieu of notice and covenant not to compete.
  • BUDGET: The monthly labor cost processing service. Based on the company’s monthly files extracted from the payroll, the service allows the preparation of the monthly labor costs for the relevant period. Forecast labor cost processing allows for verification and data preparation through printouts, queries and variances.
  • DOCUMENTSTORAGE: The service of storage of computer documents (LUL, CU, 770) updated to current legislation and GDPR compliant. 10 years of documents at the click of a mouse, avoiding documents that age and become illegible, without losing a single sheet of paper in the company archives. Redundant backups in “Disaster Recovery” on data centers located throughout Italy and full web access 24/7.

HR Outsourcing: The advantages

  • All documents in one place
  • Protected and secure data
  • Integrated login
  • Ability to password protect documents
  • Multi-company and differentiated user profiling according to role/department for areas of relevance
  • Connection with the Inaz Employee Portal and Apps for coupon consultation

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