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The web application to manage tax obligations and fulfillments in the health sector

Everything you need to manage healthcare professionals

The Healthcare Professional Management is a software that manages tax obligations, administrative and organizational tasks of healthcare professionals in a simple and intuitive way.

With Inaz’s web application, healthcare professionals will access their own data and invoices, have an electronic invoicing XML file available to send invoices to the IRS.

Who the software is for

Healthcare software is designed specifically for hospitals, medical centers, care providers, testing laboratories, healthcare professionals and physicians.

The main functions in the company that use Healthcare Professionals Management are: Administration Office, Human Resources/HR Office, Payroll Office. Healthcare Professional Management is also used by consulting firms that provide administrative professional management services for their clients.

management of healthcare professionals: The Features

The Healthcare Professional Management application allows you to:

  • Updating health professional records with data history
  • Data integration with popular accounting systems
  • The calculation of the management of contributions Empam, Empav, etc. .. and professional funds
  • Performance import from external file
  • The use of reporting and analysis tools
  • Creating forms
  • Managing the administrative and organizational duties of healthcare professionals

The manager solves the problems related to the creation and sending of invoices, the calculation of contributions and the payment of professionals. It also provides for the creation of reports for 770/CU reporting.

management of healthcare professionals: THE DELIVERY MODES

Simple and quick to install, the healthcare professional management service is available with the formulas:

  • User license
  • ASP

On average in just 3 days of training the company can work independently. The installation and start-up of the software take place quickly and assistance and consultancy are always guaranteed by Inaz.

managing healthcare professionals: the advantages

There are many advantages to healthcare software:

  • Ease of use even for those who do not know the reference legislation in detail
  • Optimization of administrative management time: printing of invoices, automatic sending via e-mail and publication on the web portal
  • Continuous accessibility, web application
  • Contractual and regulatorymaintenance guaranteed
  • Technical and applicationconsulting

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