Salary review softwareThe tool for analysing and incentivising remuneration in relation to the company budget

Discover the tool for making strategic decisions on incentive pay

Automatically processes salary proposals

An application that allows you to have in real time all the information you need to respond effectively to any remuneration request that comes to the HR desk

On one page you have everything under control to provide answers and make strategic decisions on incentive pay across multiple company roles.

It is part of HExperience®, the integrated web-based platform with functions for automatic processing of salary proposals in relation to the budget.

Salary review: the features


  • Compares individual salary situations to each other and also to group dynamics
  • Allows an automatic pay positioning of the individual employee against a market benchmark for the role/sector
  • The system makes it possible to define general remuneration policy criteria that, once applied, formulate specific remuneration variation proposals for each individual employee/situation
  • The system highlights situations where risk talent loss is greatest, through the use of customisable algorithms, allowing for appropriate retention interventions
  • The system can be fed with market benchmarks from any pay analysis provider (ODM, Mercer)
  • Drastically reduces process time through automated processing, fast accessibility of information
  • The system securely centralises information and proposals, simplifying and reducing the time for monitoring process steps
  • Instant view of authorisation workflow stages
  • Possibility of customising the data set for consultation and management to the different actors involved in the process



The software is available in:

  • License
  • ASP
  • Outsourcing

The advantages


  • Flexible tool that can be customised according to certain remuneration policy criteria
  • Availability of searchable history for different pay elements
  • Simple, collaborative and secure solution
  • Intuitive and flexible interface, customisable to specific needs
  • Timely monitoring of the entire process and minimisation of the risk of error
  • Ability to upload market benchmarks from any pay analysis provider

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