Environmental policy

INAZ, following a corporate policy aimed at an eco-sustainable future, is committed to reducing its environmental impact within the scope of its activities, which is also evidenced by obtaining ISO 14001 Environmental Certification

INAZ, within the scope of its Corporate Policy and through the commitment and active involvement of all corporate components, undertakes, also with reference to the sustainability principles provided by the Global Compact, to pursue the reduction of the environmental impact of its activities and in particular to:

  • Periodically measure and verify the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System and the planned controls in order to improve pollution prevention capacity;
  • Meet compliance obligations by complying with applicable environmental regulations and other requirements that INAZ subscribes to with reference to its environmental aspects;
  • Pursue continuous improvement in environmental performance with particular reference to: 
    • Control of CO2 and climate-changing gas emissions;
    • Reduction of wasted energy and water resources;
    • Decreased use of plastic, paper and other materials that are difficult to dispose of;
    • Proper waste management;
    • Promotion of sustainable mobility initiatives;
    • Selection of suppliers that pursue sustainable development with particular reference to products with low environmental impact, recycling-oriented production processes and energy efficiency;
    • Raising awareness and involvement on environmental policy issues among all employees.


In order to achieve its Environmental Goals INAZ has established the necessary ways to ensure that this policy is understood and applied at all levels of the company and by other stakeholders.

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