Sales Agent Management Web application

Software for the calculation of commissions, contributions and allowances of Sales Agents

Agent Management: everything you need for the administrative management of commercial agents

The Sales Agent management software is the web application that calculates commissions, contributions and allowances of Sales Agents, safely and in compliance with obligations and fulfillments.

Managing sales reps can be a difficult process for companies; there are tight business objectives, sophisticated incentive mechanisms and systems, and complex regulations. For this reason, Gestione Agenti is the web application that manages in a simple and intuitive way fiscal obligations and fulfillments, constantly following the updates of the law and the regulations in force. The sales agent management software calculates commissions with confidence and simplifies the relationship between company and agents.

Who is the agent and commission management product for?

The management software Sales Agents is aimed at large companies, for which the elaboration of the PGD (Large Companies Project) is mandatory, or at small companies that need support.

The company functions that use the application are: Administration Department, Human Resources/HR Department, Payroll Department. With the management software Sales Agents, it is the agents themselves who access their data, their customer list, their invoices and check their contributions (already paid or to be paid).

Agent Management also serves professional firms that provide administrative services for managing sales agents.

Agents management: the features

The Sales Agent management software has the following features:

  • Scalable and customizable functionality
  • Multilingual and multi-company software
  • Rapid startup: in 3 days the company works autonomously
  • Web technology (, the agent application does not require installation on a PC.

agent management: THE DELIVERY MODES

Agent and commission management software is available in:

  • License
  • ASP
  • Outsourcing

If you choose outsourcing, we guarantee you maximum customization. You can also entrust Inaz with commission calculations, contributions and payment management.

The advantages

  • The Sales Agent software calculates commissions, allowances, Enasarco and FIRR contributions.
  • It does not require detailed knowledge of legal provisions because it incorporates all regulatory updates in a timely manner.
  • Simplifies end-of-service management.
  • It allows the immediate monitoring of the overall situation of the agency network and of the single agent.
  • It optimizes management time: it automatically prints and sends documents via PEC email to the agent and to the appropriate bodies.
  • It only takes 3 days of training to become proficient in its use

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