Inaz HR management

Human Resources management

HR Inaz is the software that optimizes the development of the organization and the work of people in the company, enhancing their talents. With HR Inaz the management of Human Resources becomes simple and complete.

Inaz HR management

Human Resources management

HR Inaz is the software that optimizes the development of the organization and the work of people in the company, enhancing their talents. With HR Inaz the management of Human Resources becomes simple and complete.

Comprehensive employee management with HR Inaz

HR Inaz enables you to manage people strategically, collaboratively and flexibly. The management software dedicated to personnel contains the file of each individual resource and specific modules dedicated to selection, training, evaluation, safety, assets and benefits. HR management software includes all the functions that govern and optimize people’s work, available at all times and with historical depth.

  • All the functions needed for Human Resources management are always available and with historical depth. Organization and company organization chart, selection and management of candidates, training, personnel evaluation, safety, company assets, employee portal, e-learning are the modules of which the Inaz HR management software is composed.
  • Performance Evaluation. Advanced job design for managing profiles and scorecards, skills, performance, knowledge, and goals.
  • Organization Support. With the software it is possible to manage the entire training process and all safety procedures through specific workflows, the platform allows to build and define the management of organization charts and function charts with historical depth.
  • Information, reports, charts. With HE Reporting, the most relevant data for the company (both aggregated and in detail) is always in evidence, through queries, reports and charts.

HR Inaz: the advantages of the management software for Human Resources

  • Advanced and powerful: object-oriented architecture, dynamic and expandable, flexible and scalable, modular. The software is prepared for remote assistance.
  • Comprehensive: integrates all the functions you need, including the Employee Portal.
  • Flexible: you can have HR Inaz in SaaS/Asp/Cloud or as a user license.
  • Accessible: completely web-based, you only need a browser to access all features.
  • Developed in HTML5: uses the set of technologies and tools that enable advanced functionality and user-friendly interfaces. It works on all fixed and mobile devices (PCs, smartphones and tablets) and all browsers.
  • Multilingual and multi-company: supports multiple languages, companies, and locations for asset management that meets local and global needs.
  • Fully integrable: it interfaces with the most common databases, minimizing the impact on the company ICT infrastructure.

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Semantic Analysis CV

Semantic Analysis CV is a tool that supports the HR department in recruiting activities: it simplifies the analysis and selection phases by reading and analysing, even in bulk, CVs, detects information and identifies the most suitable CVs with respect to the requirements of the specific position.

Salary review

An application that allows you to have in real time all the information you need to respond effectively to any remuneration request that comes to the HR desk

Payroll Software

Payroll software is the complete application for simple and efficient management of payroll and personnel administration, it is an optimal tool for both SMEs and large multinational companies.

HE Electronic Signature

HE Electronic Signature is the software dedicated to all companies that want to make their document signing process faster, more advanced and more secure.

HE Car

HE CAR is the web application to plan and rationalize the costs of the company fleet.

Employee Dossiers

With the Employee Dossiers you always have in evidence the heritage that each person brings to the company: individual data, knowledge, experience, projects. It is the complete and fully customizable employee data management software.

Staff Training

The Training module allows you to manage everything related to corporate training: calendar commitments, providers, teachers and budget.

Corporate E-Learning

E-learning is a Learning Management System tool able to manage in a complete way the training of employees in the company thanks to training materials and tools.

Personnel Selection

The Personnel Selection module facilitates the work of the recruiter: from the identification of the resource until its placement in the company.

Staff Evaluation

HR’s “Staff Evaluation” module allows you to set up appraisal processes, talent development plans, career development and MBOs.

Workplace Safety

The HR Inaz Safety module provides a complete and up-to-date picture of the situation in the company in terms of safety at work and indicates all the critical issues and deadlines to be met. It is a comprehensive and high-performance workplace safety tool.

Assets and Benefits

The Assets and Benefits module is the software dedicated to the management of corporate welfare, it allows you to coordinate the allocation of corporate tools and devices such as cars, corporate PCs, credit cards and so on.

Time and Attendance Software

The software is the easiest way to manage staff attendance, it takes care of both traditional and web and intranet management.

Note Expenses

Inaz Expense Report is the web application dedicated to the management of expense reports and mission reimbursements.

HE Connect

HE Connect is the Social Collaboration tool that allows you to easily and immediately manage staff communication in your company.

HE Welfare

The cloud platform with social features, designed to make Corporate Welfare feasible for all companies.

HE Analytics

HE Analytics is an advanced HR reporting service that supports managers in their strategic decision-making processes by providing data-driven information.

Employee Portal

The Employee Portal is the collaborative platform that facilitates and promotes communication and information sharing within the organization.

HE Base

HE Base is the module on which HExperience is based. It is the business solution that guarantees the validity of HR data and the rules of HR administration and management.

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HR App

Company and employee can stay in touch at all times thanks to the HR App, which allows you to manage multiple HR operations.

HR Travel Mobility App

App HR Travel Mobility is the App of the HExperience suite that fully manages the process of reporting expenses for business trips, domestic or foreign, of employees and collaborators, paying particular attention to the respect of the company travel policy.

App Study Center

Constant updates on labor, social security and tax: rules, obligations and deadlines will be available from the comfort of your device through the App Centro Studi.

iTerm App

iTerm is the innovative App developed to organize and manage the movements of employees working on the move.

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