HR Travel Mobility App

The App to manage travel expenses by photo (OCR)

App HR Travel Mobility is the App of the HExperience suite that fully manages the process of reporting expenses for business trips, domestic or foreign, of employees and collaborators, paying particular attention to the respect of the company travel policy.

With the HR Travel Mobility App, corporate staff can comprehensively manage travel expenses

Keeping track of receipts, tickets and receipts is a tedious task that is often put off by those on the road, with the result that when it’s time to submit the expense report to the company there is always some detail that doesn’t add up.

App HR Travel Mobility solves this problem because it lightens the operational part and simplifies the life of those who are traveling for work.

The App for Expense Report reporting: the features

The information relating to the items of expenditure made can be entered manually or automatically compiled thanks to the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function: it will be sufficient to take a picture of the receipts and receipts with your smartphone or tablet to extrapolate the data useful for reporting.

Your staff will always be able to update and edit automatically filled expense items, after an expense is filled, if your device is connected to the Internet, the travel expense will be automatically saved on the device and on the company server.

So, when you get back to the head office, everything is ready: there are just a few simple operations to complete with the dedicated software.

The benefits of managing travel expenses with your smartphone

For your staff, filling out the travel expense report becomes faster and easier with HR Travel Mobility features:

  • The Expense Management App uploads all expenses incurred by the employee in real time: there are specific notes for everything related to food, accommodation, transportation and car (private, assigned or rental). Photographs of receipts must be attached via smartphone to keep receipts and coupons.
  • Constant monitoring of the amount of the costs: the overview of the expenses incurred is always available thanks to the summary of travel expenses that shows all the information related to each individual cost item.
  • Archiving of expenses even when the App is offline: when the away employee is offline he can still note down the expenses, once online, the App will automatically transmit everything to the company.

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