HE Connect Corporate social network

The solution for managing the communication of company personnel

HE Connect makes social collaboration in the company simple and smart

HE Connect is the Social Collaboration tool that allows you to easily and immediately manage staff communication in your company.

HE Connect was born from the idea of proposing to companies a different way of communicating compared to traditional e-mails (which make it complex to focus attention on the topics being discussed and on the most important points) or to virtual bulletin boards (which deal with a more traditional and univocal communication not allowing interaction or discussion). Inaz has thought of a simpler, more effective and flexible way to communicate, different from traditional mail exchanges because it is social and collaborative.

HE Connect puts people at the center of a truly flexible organization, making it easy to get work done anywhere by ensuring three key elements: usability, sharing and security.

Smartworking and teamwork come with a twist. Everyone works better and business grows.

HE Connect: the features

With HE Connect everything is simple. With this web solution for Social Collaboration, staff can:

  • create discussion topics within the company
  • respond and interact
  • attach documents
  • find topics of interest in an immediate way, without having to manage long email exchanges

The essential functions to move easily among the information are reminiscent of the setting of the main social networks. Moreover, security is guaranteed: all data remains within the company network.


Simple and quick to install, the HE Connect solution is available in:

  • License
  • Cloud ASP

The advantages

  • Simple and immediate: people in the company find what they need to connect, share, and collaborate immediately
  • Seamlessly integrated into the HExperience platform
  • Anytime,anywhere: even on the move on smartphones and tablets
  • Advanced: in HTML5, available on any browser, mobile and also multilingual
  • Secure: Password-protected network and advanced features
  • You can create a community, discussion groups by role or function, by lines of business or by departments

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HE Connect

HE Connect is the Social Collaboration tool that allows you to easily and immediately manage staff communication in your company.

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