Amadori Group

Inaz management tools for one of the leaders of Italian agri-food industry

The company of the Amadori Group has turned to Inaz software to streamline its personnel recruitment and hiring activities and to quickly and effectively provide accurate reporting.

The Amadori Group is one of the main leaders in the Italian food industry, an innovative company and a reference point for meat dishes. Founded in San Vittore di Cesena forty years ago, the Group is now present in Italy with 22 industrial plants, 33 branches and agencies, and can count on the collaboration of over 6200 workers. At the base of Amadori’s success is the Group’s decision to directly manage the entire integrated supply chain, which allows for a thorough and certified control of all production phases: selection of raw materials, breeding farms, hatcheries, feed mills, fattening farms, processing, packaging and distribution. Tradition and innovation are two elements that distinguish the Group on the market: a team of professionals who, with passion and experience, propose innovative gastronomic solutions and work to guarantee consumers fresh and safe products every day.


Amadori annually employs about 4,000-4,500 seasonal workers, a decidedly large number that requires adequate management tools. This makes it imperative to have immediate availability of all personnel data to streamline recruitment and hiring activities. Amadori Group also needed efficient reporting, capable of processing data according to the different needs of management.


HR Inaz has solved the problem related to the management of repeated employment relationships through a specific function, while the Human Resources software ensures full integration of data, making it possible to produce detailed reports.


The Rehiring function allows a simplified management of the normative-legal process of rehiring seasonal workers, whose personal and retributive information is mostly known. The central repository, the data/function integrator, from which all the data of the other modules of the HR area start and return, guarantees the integrity of the data entered thanks to a single input and its immediate use. Information integration also covers the strategically central stages of recruiting, hiring and placing the resource.


Thanks to the integration with Business Objects, the processing of data “back” from the modules Payroll, Budget, Attendance/Absence etc. produces reports, researches and statistics that facilitate the work of the personnel management. Specifically, the most requested reports provide information on:

  • Individual employee, including hiring and termination information
  • Budget/estimate per calendar month
  • Absenteeism
  • Amount of overtime
  • Payroll
  • Workforce mapping
  • Training Courses
  • Disciplinary Challenges.

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