E-Learning Learning Management System Software

The E-Learning LMS platform for complete in-company training

E-Learning: the training portal integrated in HExperience

E-learning is a Learning Management System tool able to manage in a complete way the training of employees in the company thanks to training materials and tools.

The E-Learning portal is an LMS platform that can manage online employee training, offers a large container of training materials and tools.

Here are the main functions:

  • Visualization of video lessons with monitoring of interactions and time of use
  • Sharing of instructional materials (slides, videos, hyperlinks, web pages, and text files)
  • Comprehension test with database management of questions and random alternatives
  • Access to the educational resources remains tied to passing intermediate tests or to a time of use of the content
  • Awareness questionnaires and surveys with the creation of surveys and interactive tools with the student
  • Personalized course attendance certificates
  • Forum and chat to communicate with support, faculty, and other students
  • Integration with Webinar services for synchronous training management

e-Learning: the features

The Inaz E-Learning platform has many features:

  • Delivery of online courses: each course represents a portion of the portal that provides the participant with all the resources and educational activities dedicated to him/her. It provides for the delivery of lessons, tests, and learning materials, but also features reporting and interaction.
  • Support for “classroom” teaching: thanks to the use of the portal it is possible to deliver:
    • on-boarding courses with certification of the skills acquired
    • System and software training courses. Thanks to the use of chat and forums, the user can interact and discuss with other participants or with the course instructor.
    • Webinar and synchronous FAD for organizing a “live” online seminar. The platform, in fact, dialogues with the major webinar software that can administer the processes of enrollment, user management, sharing of learning materials, testing and generation of certificates.
  • Reporting and verification of acquired competencies: administrator users and course managers have at their disposal different types of reports including reports of user evaluations, reports of activities, reports of acquired competencies, reports of time used for each educational resource, reports of system performance.
  • App for training employees and collaborators: the portal can become an App for both Android and Apple devices. The App, in addition to containing all the features of the training portal, integrates all the main functionality of mobile applications, sending your educational content directly to your students. The App can be used both to deliver courses and to support classroom teaching activities.


The software is available in cloud.

The advantages

  • The Learning Management System portal is designed to be simple and quick to use. After the first login step, the student has only the courses he/she is enrolled in at his/her disposal, without the possibility of making mistakes.
  • The user has access to all major resources in just 3 clicks
  • Navigation menus are intuitive and make it easy to navigate content
  • Each user, within the training portal, is registered and assumes a precise role with certain privileges and limitations

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