ACM Sickness certificates acquisition

The solution for capturing employee medical certificates

Sickness Certificates Acquisition: to speed up and automate medical certificate management processes

Sickness Certificates Acquisition is the system for automated management of workers’ sickness certificates by companies.

The software allows you to automate and speed up the processes of managing staff sickness certificates.

The solution responds to the law that, starting from September 2011, has extended also to the private sector the telematic mode of issue and transmission of employees’ sickness certificates, directly on the PEC (Certified Electronic Mail) box of the Employer.

Sickness Certificates Acquisition: the features

Inaz software for the management of medical certificates includes InfoCert’s Legal Mail PEC, acquires in real time and fully automatically the sickness certificates sent by Inps, performs checks, congruence checks and feeds the attendance management and payroll processing procedures. The solution for acquiring sickness certificates contains data search functions and specific reporting, compatible with the most common office automation tools.

It’s a solution that allows you to:

  • Acquire medical certificates from PEC:
    • Automatic import of files sent by INPS to PEC
    • Viewing of all acquired medical certificates and printing of these certificates via export of Excel files
    • Fairness checks of certificates (overlapping events, continuation or relapse of illness)
  • Verify and transmit certificates of sickness files
    • Highlighting and managing anomalies in the transmission of sickness certificates
    • Modification of sickness data in case of inconsistencies
    • Generation of sickness files

Sickness Certificates Acquisition: THE DELIVERY MODES

The software is available in:

  • License
  • ASP
  • Outsourcing

The advantages

The solution:

  • makes the acquisition of medical certificates by the company completely transparent
  • Avoids manual entry into payroll and attendance systems
  • saves a lot of time
  • avoid making mistakes

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