Whistleblowing - Signal Act

Reporting platform in line with the EU Whistleblowing Directive

Inaz Signal Act is a web application capable of collecting all information relating to whistleblowing, guaranteeing all security measures in compliance with whistleblowing legislation.
The choice of a whistleblowing platform is a fundamental step towards fulfilling legal obligations, facilitating users in the reporting process and ensuring ethical and responsible corporate governance.



  • Activation of a web page and its customised URL for the individual company
  • Customisable homepage with corporate information
  • Reporting can be sent either via web form in two modes ‘anonymous’ or ‘confidential’; or sent via voice recording (which will be appropriately altered to ensure confidentiality)
  • The data are recorded in a dedicated database, so as to ensure the protection of the confidentiality of the reporter
  • Once the report is received, the system notifies its arrival through an e-mail to the dedicated addresses
  • The report will be viewed by the channel management function only
  • The reporter can access, via a system-generated user and password, the page of his report to check its progress status
  • The platform has several user profiles (Admin, Report Manager – read, write and edit – Read Only Manager, Reporter)
  • Reports are categorised by the administrator who can attribute them to the managing users



  • Strengthening the trust of customers, partners and shareholders
  • Protecting employees from retaliation or discrimination
  • Preventing and immediately intercepting corruption and misconduct that could damage reputation and business
  • Meet the legal requirements of the whistleblower protection law
  • Secure and encrypted system

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