The collaborative solution for people

The modular and integrable HExperience platform to work better and build innovative forms of organization.

HE stands for Human Energy, the energy of people, Experience indicates the centrality of experience.


The collaborative solution for people

The modular and integrable HExperience platform to work better and build innovative forms of organization.

HE stands for Human Energy, the energy of people, Experience indicates the centrality of experience.

HExperience: the complete and useful HR platform for your organization.

HExperience is the HR platform focused on people, not just processes, to manage work in a shared and flexible way. The platform is web-based, integrating and harmonizing solutions, tools and information that help everyone work better.

HExperience facilitates talent management, collaboration and innovative forms of organization. The HExperience platform consists of a powerful database on which the operational modules needed by each company are grafted.

In this way, every company gets exactly what it wants: all useful functions that operate on certified, up-to-date information and rules.


  • A collaborative solution designed for people: HExperience offers users a truly simple experience, whoever the user and their role in the organization.
  • An accessible and intuitive interface and an integrated technology platform: HExperience is always available from any device. The information is kept in a cloud platform, a unique database, which collects it in real time.
  • An advanced project, competence and continuous updating: HExperience is not just a product, but a complete solution that integrates technological, regulatory and organizational support.

HExperience adapts to any enterprise infrastructure. The startup phase is quick and consulting and software updates are guaranteed by Inaz.


  • More people involvement in the company: Collaboration and sharing are facilitated by fast, easy and clear HR operations, thanks to the self-service system, flexible workflows, built-in wizards and smart rules.
  • More vision for HRleadership: For HR people, HExperience makes it easy to network, form groups and share information about goals, projects, issues and activities. It will be just as easy to get to know people’s diverse talents and constantly make them available to the company.
  • More flexibility for the entire organization: whatever the organizational reality, business model, cost centers and locations around the world, HExperience supports the management of people at work.
  • More data quality: with HExperience, every piece of data is unique, accurate, validated and immediately available. Integrating all workforce information allows you to monitor business results and make timely decisions without the need for spreadsheets or offline processes.


See all the elements that can be integrated into the platform.

Salary review

An application that allows you to have in real time all the information you need to respond effectively to any remuneration request that comes to the HR desk

Payroll Software

Payroll software is the complete application for simple and efficient management of payroll and personnel administration, it is an optimal tool for both SMEs and large multinational companies.

HE Electronic Signature

HE Electronic Signature is the software dedicated to all companies that want to make their document signing process faster, more advanced and more secure.

HE Car

HE CAR is the web application to plan and rationalize the costs of the company fleet.

Time and Attendance Software

The software is the easiest way to manage staff attendance, it takes care of both traditional and web and intranet management.

Note Expenses

Inaz Expense Report is the web application dedicated to the management of expense reports and mission reimbursements.

HE Connect

HE Connect is the Social Collaboration tool that allows you to easily and immediately manage staff communication in your company.

HE Welfare

The cloud platform with social features, designed to make Corporate Welfare feasible for all companies.

HE Analytics

HE Analytics is an advanced HR reporting service that supports managers in their strategic decision-making processes by providing data-driven information.

Employee Portal

The Employee Portal is the collaborative platform that facilitates and promotes communication and information sharing within the organization.

HE Base

HE Base is the module on which HExperience is based. It is the business solution that guarantees the validity of HR data and the rules of HR administration and management.

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HR App

Company and employee can stay in touch at all times thanks to the HR App, which allows you to manage multiple HR operations.

HR Travel Mobility App

App HR Travel Mobility is the App of the HExperience suite that fully manages the process of reporting expenses for business trips, domestic or foreign, of employees and collaborators, paying particular attention to the respect of the company travel policy.

iTerm App

iTerm is the innovative App developed to organize and manage the movements of employees working on the move.