TakeOff - Managing quotes, interventions and reports

SaaS platform for managing the entire reporting process

You can manage the entire business flow of the lead from opening the master data and sending the offer to complete management of the order, the service ticket and the related intervention and report. It combines the flexibility of cloud software with the user-friendliness of smartphone APPs for all mobile work situations.



  • The professional: the agent, the maintenance man, the technician, the micro-entrepreneur
  • The micro-enterprise: the professional studio, the design company, the commercial agency, the service company, the laboratory
  • The SME in any sector where all departments can find in TakeOff a tool to evolve daily operations



IT/ICT – Installers – Mechanics – Nautical – Green maintenance – Machinery maintenance – Multiservice – Repairs – Professionals – Security – Trainers – Fire-fighting – Video surveillance – Agencies – Consultants – Construction companies

Anyone who needs to manage external activities or produce quotations!



Here’s what you can do:

  • Create the quote and send the order: create and send the customer a graphic quote from your smartphone. Manage the order, have it signed by the customer and send it to the platform ready for the operational and administrative part.

    • Contact and negotiation management with lead master data creation
    • Acceptance of online quotes with direct order sending
    • Automatic activity management for assignment to own maintenance staff
    • Analysis reports and statistics to monitor times and deadlines

  • Activate the intervention and sign the report: have the customer sign an intervention report with all personal data and information on the intervention entered automatically, adding notes and material issued and have the customer sign.

    • App for hours/material/photos/signature
    • Maintenance contracts
    • Stopover packages
    • Job/worksite management
    • Ticket/Complaint management



You will have everything available on a single platform:

  • Structured processes
  • Greater control over activities
  • Optimisation of time and better organisation of work
  • Mobile use
  • Real-time updates

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