IN-Workflow Software for approval flow management in the document environment

Simplifies and automates the authorization flow of business IT documents

The paperless solution for the optimization of approval flows in the company

IN-Workflow is a tool that can automate and simplify the authorization processes of business IT documents, improving collaboration.

IN-Workflow is a web solution that allows you to automate, speed up and simplify specific business processes and related authorization flows, activities that are often carried out through complicated email or paper documents.

You’ll be able to monitor the progress of processes, facilitate access to documentation, foster collaboration between departments, and improve authorization flow.

IN-Workflow: the features

  • A solution designed and created around the customer’s process, the software allows you to accelerate the flow of information in total security at every level of the company.
  • It is a solution that can be integrated with all ERPs in web service mode and usable on PCs, mobile devices and graphometric tablets.
  • The software is available on smartphones: you can receive notifications by email and authorize or reject the proposed documents with one click
  • It allows the management of approval flows in the document area including Orders, Invoices and Payment Bills, project documents, HR procedures and any process that requires approval steps.

IN-Workflow: the delivery modes

IN-Workflow software is available in:

  • License

The advantages

  • Reduces time and eliminates unnecessary activities that waste time and defocus attention
  • Manages the assignment of tasks in the company in a quick, orderly and clear manner
  • Contains personnel costs by shortening monitoring and authorization chains
  • Manages specific processes by integrating in web service mode with information solutions already present in the company.
  • Manages large amounts of data by controlling entire processes, it is an innovative solution, easy to use and implement
  • Optimizes flows by increasing the efficiency of workload execution, saving resources and creating paperless environments

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