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With the Inaz "dashboard" you become top suppliers of moulds and bodies for Ferrari

For several years, Fontana Group has been using the management software developed by Inaz in all the processes concerning personnel: selection, recruitment, compensation, training.

Going from 20 to 700 employees in 25 years of operation is news in itself. Positive ones, that make us think of how much technological know-how and global entrepreneurial vision “nestles” in so many small and medium-sized factories of Italian manufacturing. If this process of growth has taken place and is still going on, with an enlarged look at globalization and productive excellence capable of “dressing” the most beautiful cars in the world, then we are faced with a case for the front page. In fact, we are in the headquarters of the Fontana Group, the industrial reality founded by the family of the same name from Lecco, chaired today by Walter Fontana and active in the market of moulds and bodies for the automotive industry with a turnover of 90 million euros achieved with five plants, three of which are in Italy (with over 300 employees), one in Turkey (since 2003, with 250 employees) and a more recent one in Romania (since 2011, about a hundred operators).
How do you manage such a complex structure while managing to beat Western and Asian competition? “We are a medium-sized Italian multinational, with strong family governance of strategic direction and an appropriate managerial organization that manages production operations and business development,” explains Dario Maria Pozzi, director of corporate human resources. There are two main divisions: moulds and bodywork. “The former deals with the design, construction and installation of moulds for the production of aluminium car bodies. Among its major customers are manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes. The bodywork division, in addition to designing and making the moulds, also takes care of the moulding of aluminium bodies and parts (doors, roofs, wheel covers, bumpers…) requested by top players such as Ferrari, McLaren and Jaguar. For the Maranello company, we mold 100% of the bodywork for their road sports models”.

The solutions

To support such complex and differentiated processes, which must then conclude with a product of the highest technical and performance quality intended for a very demanding target, we need a very efficient, precise, reliable and quick in responding human resources management system. “This is the reason why for several years now – underlines Pozzi – Fontana Group has been using management software developed by Inaz in all processes concerning personnel: selection, recruitment, compensation, training, etc.. We always have the need to keep up with the times and equip ourselves with tools that are not only administrative but also able to manage the development of personnel, update the database, and assist in decision-making.

The “heart” of the system is, the first Inaz product introduced in the Fontana Group, in recent years flanked by the specific tool for human resources management – HR Inaz – of real help for my work.


What I have found, compared to previous professional experiences, is the high implementation factor of these systems, the level of completeness and reliability of the data, the possibility to exploit the full potential of the tool.” The functioning model is very simple: “HR Inaz is a fundamental support in the management of the overall working life of the employee, from the cv presented to the selection up to the registration of the personal data in case of hiring, then the personal and retributive data, training, career and task/function. Whatever the issue to be addressed, in a few seconds I can check the entire updated situation of my interlocutor”.

The areas of exchange and interaction between HR and production control are important: “Everything is monitored and analyzed, from attendance/absence to working hours or overtime. There is a constant check on our reports, with cross-referencing of the HR function, control by production output, management control that then reaches the administrative and budgetary summary”. It is evident, for those who deal with personnel management but also and above all with the global governance of the company, that such a system greatly reduces the impact of critical issues and improves the organizational quality of the company: “Yes, the personnel function always has an improvement approach, so the Inaz tool system helps us to be fast and qualitative as an HR department, in line with the mission of our group.”

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