Dashboard Controls Monthly verificationand validation of payroll processing

Control Dashboard is the company software for checking and validating the monthly results processed by the Payroll procedure.

A valid help for your payroll

Inaz Monthly Checks Dashboard is a tool to perform a check and a verification before the closing of the coupons in order to be able to intercept any errors or omissions subject to the 18 checks.

The software allows you to have at a glance a situation of the controls carried out and to be carried out, remaining always updated. The exportability and the convenient Excel format of the files allow you to entrust the verification work to other collaborators, while continuing to proceed with your own business activities.

Target audience

It is aimed at payroll managers, payroll specialists, employment consultants

Monthly control dashboard: The features

The program, which can be activated as an option in the Payroll procedure, allows the verification and validation* of the processed monthly data, proceeding as an extraction and subsequent verification of the same with respect to the processing of the previous month or considering the congruity of the data processed for the month in question.

(*) this is the moment in which the operator considers the check to be concluded and ticks the result as validated

  • Control Generation – this is the function of Payroll that generates controls by month of processing and type of coupon. The available controls are listed in a grid where you can select one or more controls at the same time.
  • Check Monitor – is the summary mask of the monthly checks performed. It is structured as a grid of the activities to be monitored in which each control carried out is reported with an indication of the Year and Month of processing, Company, Date of processing/validation and User processor/validator.
  • Monthly checks – these are the files processed as an extraction and comparison of the data from the current month’s coupon with the previous month, highlighting any differences that may be present. The Control Monitor is fed by the processed monthly Controls and the user can proceed to the activities of extraction, transfer and validation of the files.

Monthly checks dashboard: THE DELIVERY MODES

The software is available in:

  • License

The advantages

  • Saving on the time usually dedicated to checks by payroll resources: checks on processed pay slips, before closing the month, are carried out by the procedure.
  • Automatic anomalydetection : the error or oversight emerges directly from the processing.
  • Saving and Recording the Verified File: the validation function crystallizes the generated and checked file into a version that can no longer be modified.
  • Rapid monitoring of the verification activity carried out: through the Control Monitor, the monthly survey of the elaborated controls is immediate.

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