The people who bring the taste of Italian coffee in the world

Kimbo has been relying on Inaz since 1993 to administer its staff, in particular using payroll software, time and attendance software and digital archiving software.

Kimbo S.p.A., founded in 1963, brings the unmistakable aroma of espresso coffee from Naples to Italy and abroad through the Kimbo and Caffè Kosè brands. In fifty years it has become the second Italian company in the sector and one of the main European players. The people who work for Kimbo are involved in all phases of coffee processing, from the bean to the packaged blend and marketing in 43 countries. Managing them is complex: Inaz has been the right partner to do it for twenty years.


Kimbo could only be born in Naples, the home of espresso. The story begins in the ’50s, with the small roasting company of brothers Francesco, Gerardo and Elio Rubino. With the invention of new packaging systems that allow the distribution of coffee in cans, the Rubino brothers embrace this innovation and give life, in 1963, to Kimbo, to bring into homes and bars a blend of quality and unique taste. Later, with the Kimbo and Caffè Kosè brands, the company grew to become the second Italian company in the sector, with a presence in 43 countries worldwide. Kimbo’s success is based on an accurate selection of raw materials and on the rigorous control of the entire supply chain process, from the choice of raw material suppliers, to the organoleptic and qualitative control of the products, to the marketing through a sales structure that guarantees continuous assistance to distributors and consumers. In recent years Kimbo has invested significant resources to develop the business: increasing the number of employees (which is now about 150 units), renewing the packaging, integrating new blends into its range and adding to the Melito plant, 40 thousand square meters just outside Naples, a new logistics hub in Nola where the coffee arriving from producing countries is handled.


“There are 150 people working at Kimbo, and I can almost say that each one requires different attention.” Fabio Vuolo, the company’s Human Resources Director, manages personnel along with three other employees and is faced with great complexity. Roles, qualifications, salaries, shifts, schedules, travel: there is extreme diversity in the needs of a workforce that includes blue-collar workers, white-collar workers, middle management, executives, sales representatives, technicians and research and development workers. The Melito plant operates 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, with workers working three shifts and operational coordination figures in the central shift. Vuolo continues “The management of payroll, attendance, shifts and travel, in short, everything related to personnel administration, requires to be followed internally within the company. For this reason, for almost twenty years, we have been relying on Inaz, which has always guaranteed us reliable and complete software, as well as serious and punctual assistance and commercial management”.


Kimbo has relied on Inaz since 1993 to administer its personnel. Over the years it has purchased Inaz software for a variety of functions. For the payroll area guarantees flexibility, ease of use and integration into the company’s information system, and is always updated in real time on all regulatory changes. Attendance captures time stamps, detects employee movements and manages all types of schedules, even the most flexible, and continuous and discontinuous shifts. Docsweb replaces paper archives with digital archives, manages the Personnel File, the Single Book of Labor, and carries out electronic storage according to the regulations in force.

There are many variables to be governed: if an unforeseen event occurs, Inaz, which has a historical presence in the Naples area, is ready to intervene alongside Kimbo with its know-how and experience.



When Kimbo’s existing Time & Attendance terminals proved to be outdated, the company decided to turn to Inaz to replace them. The devices are modular and versatile, and are seamlessly integrated with the company’s information system and the Inaz software that Kimbo already owns.

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