Personnel BudgetPersonnel budget analysis and labor cost forecasting software

Personnel costs are always under control: discover the innovative solution for forecasting, controlling and deciding on labor costs.

The tool to always have clear labor costs and calculate the cost of personnel

Personnel Budget software is an application for Personnel Cost Planning and Control strategies.

The product allows you to monitor and analyze staffing expenditures, predicting and simulating costs so you can optimize data and make labor cost decisions.

Who the Staff Budget software is for

The Inaz labor costing software is essential for businesses, professional firms, and government agencies that want to monitor, forecast, and simulate HR-related costs. Whatever the type of organization, personnel budgeting is a cross-functional process, involving several key figures:

  • the HR Manager who formulates the personnel budget
  • Management Control, which incorporates personnel costs into the management profit and loss account.
  • Administration analyzing the costs at the end of the year.

To each of them, Inaz’s software quickly provides secure and timely information.

Personnel budget: the features

  • The software for calculating the cost of personnel is versatile and adapts to any type of need
  • It’s a flexible and powerful tool to use, calculating personnel costs has never been easier
  • Easily operates on any volume of data, is multi-companyand multi-contractual
  • Works in a Microsoft environment, with the most popular database platforms (Oracle, MS SQL…)
  • Allows you to calculate and simulate labor costs by processing multi-year budgets without time depth limits

Personnel budgets: THE DELIVERY MODES

Labor cost software is available in:

  • License
  • ASP
  • Outsourcing

The advantages

Personnel Budget is an innovative tool that:

  • Allows the evaluation of remuneration policies
  • Contributes to the decision-making process
  • Processes multi-year budgets with flexibility and speed
  • It fuels collaboration between different business functions: it involves key figures such as the HR Manager, Management Control and Administration
  • Stimulates rapid corrective action
  • Allows centralized budgeting and processing of personnel costs

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