Shift Planning Employee shift and calendar management

The web application that generates and manages employee calendars and shifts

Staff shift planning

Inaz Shift Planning is the web solution that solves any criticality and complexity related to work calendar management and employee shift planning.

The shift planning software is a specific and exclusive solution that takes into account the organizational needs and the requirements of the institutes of the category; it adapts perfectly to the needs of all organizations, even those working in the most complex sectors.

The shift management solution has been designed from countless application cases, with a great attention to the user experience that is intuitive and easy to use.

The web solution installs in a very short time and is essential for the Administration Office, Human Resources Office, department heads and team leaders of service centers, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, security companies, hotels, call centers, supermarkets and airports.

Shift planning: the features

  • SPEED AND SECURITY – Access to profiled information for each user is via login and password, and https protocol is used to ensure a high level of security. If there are urgent time changes to be managed, it is possible to make quick changes to the work schedule.
  • ALERT – For rule violations due to manual adjustment actions (to make, in a short period of time, weighted decisions regarding shift changes).
  • SPECIFICITY AND USEFULNESS – Dedicated entirely to employee shift planning, the web solution is customizable according to specific customer requirements, allows all users to interact with the system intuitively and without any special computer skills, and is accessible through the Employee Portal.



  1. Identifying needs
    • Maximum customization – Accommodates organizational needs, contractual rules, anticipated absences
    • Maximum Accuracy – Analyzes available person profiles against coverage needs for appropriate level of service
    • Modularity of resource requirements – Each task is associated with the number of resources needed at each time of day
  1. Implementation of the shift scheme
    • Multifunctional – Allows you to choose between different approaches (shift driven, demand driven, activity driven) for different groups of people
    • Flexible time horizon – Scheduling can be weekly, monthly, semi-annually, annually, depending on the needs of the administrator
  1. Verification and Optimization
    • Optimization – Allows you to review and reorganize work schedules in relation to unforeseen changes
    • Flexibility and security – Flags anomalies but allows you to force data entry
    • Simulation of alternative scenarios – You can create multiple shift schemes to analyze and evaluate different scenarios and choose the optimal solution
  1. Publication
    • Submitting work schedules to management and attendance/absence tracking
    • Printouts and reports
    • Calendar generation for the people involved


Shift Scheduling is web based, developed in HTML5 and works with any browser on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

It is available in:

  • User license
  • ASP (Application Service Provider)
  • Outsourcing

The advantages

  • Facilitates shift processing
  • Reduces programming errors
  • Allows for homogeneous hourly distribution
  • Allows a functional distribution of workloads
  • Allows you to reduce overtime hours
  • It offers a glimpse into shift history: present, past, and future.

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