iTerm App for Stamping the Time Card

Virtual badge for remote punching

iTerm is the innovative App developed to organize and manage the movements of employees working on the move.

The perfect attendance solution for all employees who work mobile and remotely.

iTerm is theApp for clocking in remotely via smartphone or other mobile devices, it is aimed at dedicated social care staff on multiple sites, patrol staff, cleaners, up to sales and technicians who are constantly on the move. The system works like a virtual badge making it easier to organize staff as they move across multiple locations. With iTerm, in fact, every off-site employee can clock in and out directly from their mobile device, sending all the information about where they are, their entry and exit times, and the assigned tasks they are performing.

iTerm is a kind of logbook that can be consulted at any time and keeps track of the time stamps of both individual employees and an entire team.

iTerm, the App for punching the clock: the features

Without any need for the company to install terminals in the various workplaces, iTerm allows you to stamp in mobility by communicating, in addition to the position, also the activity you are performing. It can also be used to collect time stamps from other people that will be recognized through a QR code or NFC tag, allowing you to verify the person’s presence at the designated location.

iTerm can also be used as a real time clock, work team managers can collect attendance of employees and contractors, even temporary ones. The HR department receives the data in real time and can verify it at any time.

With iTerm, managing attendance on temporary locations, from construction sites to catering kitchens, becomes simple and accurate.

The advantages of remote stamping with your smartphone

The main advantages lie in the convenience and speed that the App offers the employee to clock in remotely via smartphone and the employer to receive real-time data from staff.

Key benefits include:

  • The company maintains ongoing liaison with off-site personnel
  • Smartphones and tablets turn into attendance terminals
  • The company immediately receives the data that employees forward to the HR department
  • Employees and contractors can clock in directly from smartphones, badges or rfid key fobs right on the vehicle

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