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Employee Portal: more power to the organization

The Employee Portal is the collaborative platform that facilitates and promotes communication and information sharing within the organization.

The Employee Portal consists of a restricted area accessed by company employees to view data and information of interest to them at work.

The Employee Portal is the right solution for optimize communication between company and employee, from attendance at the Human Resources management, fromprocessing of coupon data at security management. Sharing information remotely with employees, in a timely and effective manner, is increasingly important for any type of organization.

The platform simplifies and digitizes authorization processes, administrative document retrieval, remote signature management, and fosters social collaboration.

Who the Employee Portal is for

The Employee Portal is a tool that can take on different functions depending on who is using it in the company:

  • Employees access the data they are interested in and have a natural, ongoing dialogue with the HR Department.
  • The function manager best manages his or her team.
  • External applicants can upload their resumes and relevant documents to respond to job openings posted on the company website.


The Portal adapts to the organizational structure of each company by improving vertical and horizontal communication within the organization.

Employee Portal: The Features

Depending on the role, there are different platform features:

    • FOR THE EMPLOYEE: everything under control and multiple functions to use independently
      • The employee can communicate more effectively with the company, always have control over the information and documents that concern him and operate independently.
      • The portal has a set of useful functions to the user profile: the employee will find on the screen customizable widgets in the content that can be positioned at will on the homepage, also available there will be various menus suitable for every need. Staff can immediately see their personnel file, the virtual terminal to “stamp” attendance, and the list of tasks to be performed. The calendar highlights at a glance the days when there may be special events while another widget will collect all the important news and communications. Each employee will have access to biographical data (which can be updated as needed) and administrative documents such as pay stubs, deduction forms and more.
      • The portal allows the employee to manage receipts, expense reports, reservations, canteen service; see in detail vacations, absences due to illness, stamps and intervene on anomalies. There is also an evaluations menu that shows competencies and skills and provides the ability to rate the trainings you are participating in.


    • FOR THE MANAGER: to be informed about their department in real time
      • Those who have a Responsible user profile can perform a number of operations to disseminate communications, authorize and remedy anomalies. The manager will then have a complete overview of the entire team.
      • The home page of the portal is highly customizable thanks to widgets that can contain graphics, videos, slides or specific functions of the products of the Inaz suite.
        The manager can view the demographic makeup of the department, RALs, and other useful information to keep track of facility costs.
      • The portal also helps manage workflows. A dedicated workflow pane shows at a glance whether there are any requests to be authorized such as vacations, leave or other events. With the Employee Portal, it’s easy to view the overall status of the department over a period of time.
      • The Manager figure , from the main menu, accesses all actions to manage Human Resources: communicates, requests, evaluates, manages, administers. If we look at communication, for example, the Manager can read not only bulletin boards but also add new text elements and attachments.
        The consultation menu also includes contributor sheets.
        From the requests menu you have immediate access to the employee cards, with the possibility to fix anomalies, insert justifications, request changes.
        Additional to the Employee profile is the authorization menu, from which it is possible to act at cross level on any request: from vacations, to expense reports, to enrollment in training courses. Using the evaluation menu, you can fill out evaluation forms with your employees, including skills, performance and goals to be achieved.
      • The intuitiveness of the interface allows you to govern a diverse set of functions, streamlining the workflow for the entire department. The ease with which a manager can find any data about their employees and have an overview of the overall situation is a great help in predicting scenarios and making the right decisions.


  • FOR THE ADMINISTRATOR: Complete control over the entire company
    • Through the Employee Portal, the Administrator has all organizational information available and can navigate it quickly and easily.
    • The Administrator is the figure who, through the Employee Portal, has the highest rights; by means of navigation menus and privacy classes, he can decide what operations other users (employees and managers) can carry out and what information they can access.
    • The Administrator’s menu includes more items than the menu accessed by other users, but the interface remains simple and intuitive, and using the “search” command, you can quickly get to the content or function you are looking for.
      From the “Administer” menu you can access tabular values, homepage configuration and process management and, through an icon that only the administrator will have available, you can access the “Human Resources” platform, the Inaz HR management system. From the “Manage” menu it is possible to navigate through the information of all the resources present in the company structure with their classification and their history.
    • The Administrator, through the portal, has at hand the information on training (course catalog, editions, training sheets, training budget), the safety specifications (tasks, roles, equipment, hazards, protective equipment, clothing), the complete and advanced management of assets and benefits (cars, cell phones, PCs and other devices, fuel cards, telepass, viacard, credit cards) with automatic generation of assignment letters, where applicable.
    • Each item and each function, where needed, allows you to export the information in Excel format with a simple click.
    • Visualizations, queries also in guided mode and prints: the Administrator has access to all the tables of the system and can navigate and export them according to every need.
      A very important overview not only to make the company work on a daily basis, but also to understand where it is going and what strategic decisions need to be made.
    • If you’re an Administrator, the Employee Portal sets up for you as a dashboard that gives you complete control, even when your company’s organization is branched and complex.


The software is available in:

  • License

The advantages

Having the Employee Portal in your company offers benefits on several levels:

  • The first is that of inter-company communication which, through the portal, enjoys all the typical advantages of digital communication, such as the immediacy of dissemination and the possibility of being accompanied by images and videos.
  • Second, accessing the employee portal means entering the organizational dimension where each individual, depending on the role he or she holds, has all the useful information about his or her company profile, including his or her own tax information that he or she can check and update.
  • In addition, on the portal, the employee can find useful tools to perform certain tasks, can learn about thecompany’s organizational chart, can understand the structure of departments and see names and information about colleagues, can enroll in company training courses and consult their own goal sheets.


The Employee Portal is therefore an exclusive web space that can be reached and accessed at any time and from any device, which helps work and improves business organization.

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