Time & Attendance Software Personnel time & attendance management

The Inaz Time and Attendance software automates the processes of control and management of staff attendance, responding to the needs of every business reality.

Everything you need for attendance management

The software is the easiest way to manage staff attendance, it takes care of both traditional and web and intranet management.

Inaz offers software and web solutions, terminals and accessories that communicate in a balanced and secure system, to work immediately in the future, with the simplicity needed by SMEs and with the power needed by multi-company, multi-location and complex organizations.

Employee Time Attendance Software: The Features

  • Management of different types of hours, even the most flexible, including continuous and discontinuous shifts
  • Justification of absences and customized management of any anomaly (unplanned absences, clocking errors, etc.)
  • Attendancetracking (absence management, overtime authorization)
  • Customized entry of absence slips at individual, group, location, job title, cost center level
  • Processing of overtime and surcharges, compensation for hours of absence/overtime
  • Printing, in the Single Book of Labour, of the data relative to the presences of employees
  • Data export for any payroll procedure
  • Scheduling of management routines and capture of time stamps
  • Print statistics (absenteeism, tardiness, overtime) and customizable reports

Employee attendance management software also includes:

  • Ticket and canteen management for a complete management of meals, from booking to consumption outside or inside the company;
  • Job management for an articulated management on different cost centers

Time and Attendance Software: THE DELIVERY MODES

You can have software, web solutions, terminals and accessories that communicate with Time & Attendance in a balanced and secure system.

Time and Attendance software is available in:

  • License
  • SaaS
  • Outsourcing

The advantages

  • Modularity: Inaz Time and Attendance software is an integrable system. You can decide, according to your needs, which elements are necessary for your business. In the future, you can always integrate new features into the system, if and when they are useful to you.
  • Simplicity: all configurations, including multi-contract and multi-location, are easy to use.
  • Flexibility: you can have Inaz Time and Attendance and Shift software licensed, in SaaS or outsourced. In the same way you can have all the customizations you need to work in the best way.
  • Tailored support: Software Support Points (PAS) guarantee timely intervention, training, updating and technical advice. You can communicate with Inaz technicians via the Internet to receive immediate support with remote system diagnosis.
  • Comprehensive: Employee Time and Attendance Management System integrates all the functions needed by the company including the Employee Portal.
  • Developed in html5: the software uses a set of technologies and tools that enable advanced functionality and user-friendly interfaces. It works on all fixed and mobile devices (PCs, smartphones and tablets) and on all browsers.

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