McDonald's chose Inaz solutions to enhance operational efficiency, streamline workflow and improve communication.

Who doesn't know McDonald's? There's no doubt about it: the world's largest restaurant chain and its yellow M have achieved planetary fame.

The company’s history began in 1937 in San Bernardino, California, where brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald opened the first “McDonald’s” restaurant.
Eighteen years later, in 1955, the meeting with entrepreneur Ray Crok will give life to the brand, and since then the brand has experienced a dizzying expansion.
To date, the company in fact owns 33 thousand restaurants in 119 different countries.
In Italy, McDonald’s entrepreneurial adventure began in Bolzano, where the first restaurant was opened in 1985. Since then, even in our country, the figures indicate a success that grows from year to year.
The success of the American company in Italy can also be attributed to the great attention paid to the choice of products and to issues such as transparency and ecology.
In January 2010, McDonald’s presented its McItaly menu, sponsored and guaranteed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Environment. While in 2012, thanks to the portal, the consumer is ensured maximum transparency on the origin and quality of the ingredients used, on the working policy of the company and on the initiatives to promote respect for the environment and the territory.


Elena Giordano, Payroll Manager MC Donald’s Italia tells us about her experience in this project – “Harmonizing the three different IT platforms used in the company, both internal and external, was the real challenge for McDonald’s Payroll staff in this project: the payroll software, the management software and the one dedicated to reporting. In addition, of no less importance was the need to finally have a single service for the entire group system, consisting of the Corporate, Joint Ventures (i.e. the companies connected to the main one, which manage the proprietary points of sale) and licensees,” he says. “Each of these three realities chose the most suitable Inaz applications to enhance operational efficiency, make the workflow more fluid and improve communication; results that were possible thanks to the greater usability and accessibility of information related to human resources management. In particular, the “peripheries”, i.e. the restaurants, now have the data they need easily available and are able to independently make proposals to the “central government” regarding personnel management.
The complexity of the process of data migration and implementation of the new platforms, which had to become operational at the same time, was very high; the whole process was carried out in the manner and within the time expected, immediately showing the expected improvements in efficiency and fluidity of administrative processes”.


  • Single Payroll Service for Corporate, JV Italy stores and various licensees
  • Single database for the management of HR processes and personnel administration
  • Outsourced payroll processing basic level
  • Flexibility and perfect integration with the company’s information system with guaranteed efficiency

Employee Portal

  • Reserved area for information management and governance of HR processes
  • Layered access profiling (employee view, manager view)
  • Functions of verification and control of attendance, curriculum, recruitment, terminations

Expenses note

  • Expense reporting, including consistency checks of company policies and fiscal ceilings
  • Reporting module for analysis and control
  • Data export for accounting and payments


  • Equipped with clock terminals and access control in central offices and all points of sale
  • Connection and control of the data flow (periphery-center and vice versa) in real time
  • Complete management of hourly profiles, causal, anomalies and automatic calculations
  • Full outsourcing assistance for clock and access control terminals

HR Management

  • Structured and up-to-date information on employees and organizational units
  • Personalized management of training and career paths
  • Management support through function chart and organization chart
  • Performance evaluation systems
  • Asset and benefit management
  • Start-up and consolidation assistance

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