Novomatic has chosen the HExperience platform of Inaz, implementing it with all the necessary modules to organize the work between the central offices and the various locations in an optimal way.

Novomatic Italia designs, produces and rents gaming and entertainment equipment and is also the operator and manager of gaming and betting halls, both physical and online.

With two main offices in Rimini and Rome, 15 service centers, two production centers – one in the headquarters in Rimini and one recently opened in Busto Arsizio – and 150 rooms managed throughout the country, Novomatic Italia is the largest Italian company in the gaming market.
It is part of an international giant with offices in 50 countries around the world.
The growth of Novomatic Italia has been impressive in recent years: founded in 2007, in 2010 it had about seventy employees. Today it has a workforce of 2,200 people, all very young (35 is the average age), made up of about 50% of room staff. And the prospect is to get to 2,600 employees by 2017.
Novomatic’s strategy is to expand through acquisitions of other companies – currently the group is composed of 20 companies – enriching itself with technological and industrial know-how. Research and technological innovation, investment in training and communication on the theme of responsible gaming and attention to human capital, recognized as a fundamental asset of the company, make Novomatic the national point of reference for gaming and entertainment.


Alessandra Selmi recounts her experience – “Personnel management at Novomatic is very complex, so much so that the staff dedicated to human resources includes about twenty people in all, specialized in different areas: from administration, to payroll processing, to contracts, to communication and training. There are many different cases to manage, since the staff is employed under seven different contracts and those working in the room work shifts to cover extended opening hours. There have been two major challenges faced by the human resources department in these years of growth: keeping up with the various acquisitions that have enlarged Novomatic and following the employees in so many different locations. When we chose Inaz in 2010, the HR department had to be created practically from scratch. Inaz was able to give us the right tools to best support our growth. Over the years, we have completed the Inaz HExperience platform by implementing all the necessary modules, always supported by Inaz consulting and assistance, customized to our needs. Today we can count on software solutions that are both powerful and flexible, allowing us to organize the work between the central offices and the various locations in an optimal way. One of these tools is the Inaz Employee Portal, which is fundamental for us to provide specific training on “responsible gaming”: all employees can use it online and wherever they are”.

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