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Payroll Software: everything you need to ensure proper payroll management

Payroll software is the complete application for simple and efficient management of payroll and personnel administration, it is an optimal tool for both SMEs and large multinational companies.

Paghe Inaz is the complete solution forpersonnel administration, dealing with payroll processing and management and business intelligence. It is a flexible payroll program that integrates seamlessly into the company’s information system, the software ensures payroll management is as simple as it needs to be for SMEs and as powerful as it is required by large companies and multinationals.

Manages all administrative duties:

  • F24
  • UniEMens
  • Pension and welfare funds in relation to regulatory changes
  • Withholding tax declarations 730 and 770
  • PosAgri

Inaz’s Payroll cloud platform enables easy data export and reporting with simple, native product tools.

Discover the complete, digital and always connected solution for payroll processing: PagheINweb

Payroll software: the features

Payroll software offers great performance with simple and intuitive functionality:

  • Schedule of events linked to fixed or recurring dates, with the possibility of associating them to groups of employees
  • Scheduling of the activities with programming of date, sequence and modality of development of the elaborations
  • Print management and production of files in PDF format with direct publication on the Employee Portal
  • Complete management of pension and welfare funds updated to the latest regulations

Payroll software: THE DELIVERY MODES

Payroll software is available in:

  • License
  • Saas (Software as a service)
  • Outsourcing with the choice between various levels of service and the partial or total taking over of processes.

The advantages

  • The software presents within it the main national labor contracts and the relative contribution classifications already preloaded.
  • Transposes all regulations and regulatory changes in atimely manner
  • Ensures easy and intuitive navigation with online help support
  • Allows monitoring of accesses with a journaling system that shows which information has been modified, by which user and at what time
  • Allows the consultation, insertion or modification of data through authorized accesses
  • Facilitates the setting of the parameters for coupon processing thanks to a guided processing mode
  • Simplifies the management of employee master data with customized validations at the insertion or modification stages
  • Performs automatic processing through the definition of specific work plans
  • Provides automatic reporting of activities performed

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