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The business intelligence tool to transform data into strategic information

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HE Analytics is an advanced HR reporting service that supports managers in their strategic decision-making processes by providing data-driven information.

Each figure in the company has specific tasks:

  • Top management must evaluate business performance and monitor costs
  • The Director of Human Resources must produce the strategic information needed to make decisions
  • The HR Manager needs useful and quick reporting

In all of these cases, HE Analytics gives you the business intelligence you need.

HE Analytics enables you to derive value and insight from business data in HR: it collects, organizes, and visualizes information clearly and in sharable formats, depending on users and objectives.

Who HE Analytics is for

The software intended for monitoring personnel statistics is designed to facilitate the work of top management (assessing business performance and monitoring costs), personnel managers (producing the strategic information they need) and function managers (navigating information quickly and effectively).

HE Analytics: the features

HE Analytics for tracking staff analytics consists of two modules, Reporting and Dashboard that analyze all staff data at a glance.

  • Reporting is the reporting tool for business intelligence that returns clear and in-depth information on areas of interest to those who administer and manage personnel. It allows you to get all the data related to the personnel starting from the queries normally used.
  • Dashboard is the business analytics dashboard with which, through customized visualizations, even those who are not HR specialists can navigate the data of their interest, finding a valid support for decision-making processes. The module manages large amounts of data, displays statistics, takes into account the temporal evolution of numerous parameters and allows a continuous comparison between results and objectives.


Simple and quick to install, HE Analytics solutions are available in:

  • License
  • ASP

The advantages

Reporting, the reporting tool for business intelligence has many benefits:

  • The tool is a powerful and proven business intelligence engine
  • The queries can be modified and through the filters set, they will immediately return always updated data
  • Not only reports are available but also grids and pivots
  • Reports can be generated in PDF, excel, word, html, text, CSV, etc.

Maximum customization is guaranteed by the Designer tool through which:

  • All data taken with the query will be available to become reports with images, graphs and calculated fields to obtain averages, totals or other types of values from the numbers.

Dashboard, the business analytics dashboard offers the following benefits:

  • Presents a simultaneous and intuitive view, a leap forward from the classic static report
  • Offers freely aggregated information, data becomes a concrete support in decisions
  • The analytics tool offers maximum readability in numeric and graphical modes
  • Consultation is easy, fast and interactive
  • Data are always exportable in Excel
  • Availability is maximized, across mobile and desktop devices, with a platform adaptable to business needs.

This tool lets you draw views for every need thanks to a special engine. Alternatively, you can entrust Inaz with the implementation of your requests.

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HE Analytics

HE Analytics is an advanced HR reporting service that supports managers in their strategic decision-making processes by providing data-driven information.

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