Employee Dossiers Software for employee data management

The curriculum of each worker always accessible and updated

Employee Dossiers: the complete management of the information assets of each resource

With the Employee Dossiers you always have in evidence the heritage that each person brings to the company: individual data, knowledge, experience, projects. It is the complete and fully customizable employee data management software.

With the solution,you will find the completion of what can be defined as a real curriculum, in continuous evolution.

The module is useful to manage the data of the employees and to have always in evidence the heritage that each person brings in the company: individual data, linguistic and computer knowledge, experience, commitment on projects, salary data, attendance and career path.

There is a wealth of information about a resource, whether it is an employee or another figure, and it is part of the common base for all products HExperience.

Employee Dossiers: the features

With the software, the company can manage different topics:

  • EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: not only a simplified information, such as the grade or the degree, but a real curriculum of studies of the employee, with grades, institutions where the degrees were obtained and on which dates, without any constraints. You can add and customize the information and content of the various tables to manage particular types of titles or certificates.
  • LANGUAGE KNOWLEDGE: Here, too, we do not limit ourselves to collecting data on the individual languages known by each employee, but can go into the merits of his or her degree of language proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, etc.
  • COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE: each company has specific needs of computer knowledge, that’s why the software is able to collect any skill that can be considered useful, without any constraint.
  • PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES: tracing previous work experience is fundamental in order to have a more detailed picture of the resource in terms of positions held, skills acquired, management and salary data. It is also important to gather information about the reason for previous employment closures. All of this information often comes from a candidate’s resume and, therefore, could also come from the Selection.
  • PROFESSIONAL AVAILABILITIES: this information also often comes from the CV and can be useful, as a historical record, to accommodate any interests in the professional growth of the resource, regardless of the position with which it has been placed in the company. Very often the table is enriched with other availability details, in terms of working hours, locations to operate in, etc. Due to HE HR’s rapid implementation of tables, any implementation is very quick and highly customizable.
  • REMUNERATION DATA: In this section there are several tables that tell, in different ways, the salary history of the employee. The data can be automatically taken from HE Paghe INAZ (whether the payroll is managed within the company or processed in Service), or, if the payroll provider is different, it can still be easily imported by sharing a simple record path with the payroll provider. The nature of the pay data can differ depending on the type of history being analyzed.
  • ABSENTISM: This is a very sensitive area that any company pays close attention to. The information in this topic can be handled in two different ways. The first, collecting in detail, month by month, the absences of each employee, broken down by type. The second, on the other hand, is mainly used to monitor certain types of absences, such as illness, maternity, accidents or vacations. In this case, the information is provided as progressives.
  • DISCIPLINARY PROVISIONS: the management of disciplinary measures is an aspect of primary importance and in order to manage it, it is necessary to have available not only data, but also documents, deadlines and actual procedures. Each measure has its own history and collects data on the notice, dispute, and type of measure. All tables are customizable to fit your company’s specific regulations, and the system offre specifically monitored for deadlines (of measures that are pending or need to be responded to with defined timelines).
  • PERSONAL CARD: the data entered in the Resource Dossier are added to those present in HE Base. So much data needs to be usable in a simple, complete and immediate way. This can be done through masks such as the Personal Sheet. These are fully customizable masks in which each company decides what data should be present, decides whether it should only be displayed with current information or whether it should contain history. We can collect personal, salary, organizational or management data and insert a photo of the resource so that we have everything we need for a verification or evaluation immediately available.

Employee Dossiers: THE DELIVERY MODES

The software is available in:

  • License
  • ASP

The advantages

  • Single repository for the individual employee
  • Easy retrieval of individual documents
  • Tool for storing contractual documents or other useful information for HR management

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