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Helping businesses with organization development and staff growth

Ongoing organizational consulting for your company

With Inaz, the organizational assessment immediately sets in motion the changes that will grow your company and your business.

Organizational consulting is essential for growth but there are companies that perceive it as a journey with uncertain duration and destinations. And often they are not wrong: there are valid studies and analyses that remain pure theory, without concrete results.
With Inaz this does not happen.
Our approach is based on the concept of “ready to use”: from the big picture, from the analysis and from the data we provide you, new ideas immediately emerge that you can apply in practice, thanks to the integration with our applications.
You’ll be able to replicate this process yourself on as many occasions as you need to, but, if you need it, our assistance will always be constant.

Organizational consulting: the features

Our consulting translates into actions immediately applicable to business processes, for all realities that want to improve HR processes, helps companies in the development of the organization and to grow people, with an effectiveness that falls on strategic decisions and results.

INAZ organizational consulting experts will help you understand how to create and set up the most effective process to develop people skills, to discover and enhance talent because it is people who energize organizations, with their results, enthusiasm, creativity and commitment. Our consultants will guide you in your daily operations through the use of Inaz applications.

You will be dealing with HR professionals with solid experience gained through numerous collaborations operated on clients from different industries. The widespread presence of Inaz on the national territory allows, thanks to the proximity to the customer, the ideal organizational consulting support and application assistance, anytime and anywhere.

The advantages

  • A wealth of knowledge always available
  • A team of experienced people ready to guide and support you in HR management
  • Reduce costs, internal time and focus on your core business
  • Vertical consultancy according to the relevant sector

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