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The digital link between company and employee

Company and employee can stay in touch at all times thanks to the HR App, which allows you to manage multiple HR operations.

The solution for maintaining constant contact between company and employee.

The “HR INAZ” App is the solution that allows company and employee to stay in touch at all times, anywhere, directly from a smartphone or tablet.

The application offers a level of customisation in terms of functions and graphics that is unparalleled on the market.

The personal file and the display of payslips are only a small part of what can be accessed, comfortably and on the move.


Depending on the role, the Inaz HR App allows the employee to view personal information and perform tasks relevant to the job.

Employees or contractors, for example, will be able to:

  • Access and download pay slips and all pay and administrative documents
  • Read company communications and consult/edit personal data
  • Record and manage attendance and request holidays and leaves of absence
  • Consult the company organisation chart
  • Directly access the company social network to interact and collaborate with colleagues on different projects

Company managers will be able to authorise requests from people in their workgroup and view personal files.

Users from outside the company can also use the application to upload their CVs, update them and apply for job opportunities currently available.

The advantages of App HR

The main advantages for the user lie in the convenience and speed that the app offers for monitoring processes and retrieving all personal and organisational information.

  • The notice boards collect all the company’s communications and allow you to keep in touch with the latest and most important news.
  • Employees and collaborators can access all the documents that concern them, consult and modify personal data, find the list of colleagues and their references quickly and easily, and browse the company organisation chart, updated online.
  • Thanks to the workflow function, team leaders can manage and authorise holiday and leave requests for their employees.

Finally, the Inaz HR App is a highly adaptable and flexible tool for every context, as it can be customised with interfaces and masks specifically tailored to the needs of each company.

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