Labor consultants

Human Resource management software for HR professionals

Inaz offers software dedicated to personnel administration and management specifically designed to cover the needs of Employment Consultants.

Labor Consultants

Human Resource Management Software for HR Professionals

Inaz offers software dedicated to personnel administration and management specifically designed to cover the needs of Employment Consultants.

Comprehensive HR administration and management solutions to support CDLs

Employment Consultants find in Inaz precise answers, not only for the specific area of payroll processing and management of personnel attendance.

Inaz solutions are in fact designed to improve the work of consultants through an innovative approach based on modular components and continuous professional updating. Increasingly often, Employment Consultants operate in the field of Human Resources management: with our software, CDLs can take charge of all operational and organizational requirements of client companies, starting from administrative requirements up to personnel management services.

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Software for employment consultants

Payroll Software

Payroll software is the complete application for simple and efficient management of payroll and personnel administration, it is an optimal tool for both SMEs and large multinational companies.

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Time and Attendance Software

The software is the easiest way to manage staff attendance, it takes care of both traditional and web and intranet management.

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HE Electronic Signature

HE Electronic Signature is the software dedicated to all companies that want to make their document signing process faster, more advanced and more secure.

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Personnel Budget

Personnel Budget software is an application for Personnel Cost Planning and Control strategies.

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Time and Attendance Terminals

The terminals of stamping are instruments to detect the times of entry and exit of the workers, to manage the presences and the absences through the software attendance survey.

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HE Analytics

HE Analytics is an advanced HR reporting service that supports managers in their strategic decision-making processes by providing data-driven information.

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App for employment consultants

HR App

Company and employee can stay in touch at all times thanks to the HR App, which allows you to manage multiple HR operations.

HR Travel Mobility App

App HR Travel Mobility is the App of the HExperience suite that fully manages the process of reporting expenses for business trips, domestic or foreign, of employees and collaborators, paying particular attention to the respect of the company travel policy.

App Study Center

Constant updates on labor, social security and tax: rules, obligations and deadlines will be available from the comfort of your device through the App Centro Studi.

iTerm App

iTerm is the innovative App developed to organize and manage the movements of employees working on the move.