Business Innovation since 1948

INAZ is the Italian company specialized in software and solutions for administering, managing and organizing work.


Business Innovation since 1948

INAZ is the Italian company specialized in software and solutions for administering, managing and organizing work.

Inaz designs, manufactures and markets products, tools and services that value people and set organizations in motion

With a direct network of agencies and service points throughout Italy, Inaz is close to the best structures, those that recognize the centrality of the human factor: companies, public bodies, professional firms, labor consultants and trade associations.

Inaz customers have at their disposal 600 experts and specialists and a team dedicated to research and development activities. Inaz consistently partners with leading IT companies, is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and employs qualified Microsoft Certified Professional staff.

Among INAZ’s strategic objectives are to develop and consolidate procedures of excellenceand “best practices” for all services and solutions offered to customers and to protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of data and information.

What does Inaz mean?

That’s the question we’re always asked by new employees when they join our family, by the potential clients our agents meet every day, and generally by anyone who is meeting us for the first time: “INAZ stands for?”
INAZ is Business Innovation. Since 1948.

An enterprise that innovates to last

INAZ is a company that values generational ties and at the same time keeps an open eye on the world and a mind projected into the future, a company that continuously reinterprets the wealth of skills built over the years to imagine and create something new. To define what Inaz is today, it is necessary to start precisely from the multiplicity of its souls. Poles that at first glance seem to be in opposition – technology and people, the family dimension and a managerial Board, the focus on profit and responsibility towards society and the environment – find that harmonious synthesis that every organization seeks.

And to explain what holds so many souls together so well, there is only one important element to remember: the human factor. The human factor is:

  • the principle that we put at the center when we listen to our customers and with them we design new solutions, new tools, new ways to make people and organizations work well
  • the engine that makes the companies we support grow every day, with commitment and passion.
  • the solid base that allows us to look to the future, with the certainty that the rapid evolution of our sector will always see us as protagonists: an irreplaceable point of reference for the great and multifaceted world of management and administration of people in companies.

Why choose Inaz?

With Inaz companies find the right interlocutor: maximum experience in Human Resources management

We started in 1948. So many people do it now, but we remain the most influential. Starting with the old paper coupon, over time we have created all the software and hardware tools we need to manage and administer human resources.

We do not use adapted solutions from other countries. Our tools are native Italian, created to meet the concrete needs of our companies. In addition, our 40 branches spread across the territory guarantee direct and widespread assistance to all client companies

We work with our tools. Fine-tuned over years of study and development, continually updated to respond to regulatory changes.

Our Study Center continuously monitors regulatory changes, dialogues with institutions, and authoritatively responds to many questions.

With 600 experts and 40 agencies throughout Italy, Inaz has been producing innovative solutions for managing and administering personnel for seventy years. It provides outsourcing services, training, publishing, technical and organizational consulting, and offers web tools and solutions, dedicated, customizable portals and Apps for easy and convenient use.

human energy, the energy of people

People are individuals who put their skills to work in the service of a common goal; they are not deposits from which to draw returns. When their individual value is recognized, their energy can make a difference.

Human energy is immaterial, but it produces very concrete changes. It allows you to set goals and then achieve them, react to difficulties, innovate in products, services and methods. Inaz unleashes the energy of people at work through solutions, services and tools that make the organization work and value individuals. In public agencies it innovates methods and improves service to users. In the advisor world it raises individual performance, satisfies clients and helps find new ones.

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