HE Base Human resources management

HR data with essential functionality in a single repository

Quality HR data first

HE Base is the module on which HExperience is based. It is the business solution that guarantees the validity of HR data and the rules of HR administration and management.

HE Base is the indispensable element of the HExperience platform that guarantees the quality of the data (unique, accurate, validated and immediately available) and certain rules to improve the management and administration of personnel.

The module consists of two parts:

  • ARCHIVES: Keeps a treasure trove of company data, continuously updated: individual information (personal details, professional and contractual history), company and organizational information (cost centers, offices, branches, contracts, company organization chart).
  • FEATURES: Defines rules and routines for managing prints, queries, views, workflows, events, lists and schedulers.

HE Base: the features

Within HE Base, all the master data of the Company, Human Resources, Organization and Labor Relations that constitute the connecting element between Company and Resource are managed. This information is the baseline for all HExperience Inaz PlatformProducts and Modules.

  • Table structures present in HE Base and provided at the time of installation are considered “locked” and only managed by INAZ. This is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of all products that are part of HExperience. Although it is not possible to change the type of fields provided, it is possible to add other fields that are useful to the customer. Fields that are provided as standard, but are not considered useful by the client, can be hidden through appropriate profiling.
  • All data contained in HE Base (as well as that contained in most of the Suite) is historical. For this reason, all information of this type has a start date and an end date that allows you to manage not only the updated data, but also the historical path of the information. Similarly, future changes can be predicted while still having the ability (through navigation or queries) to request the display of present, past or future data without the risk of receiving temporally incorrect information.
  • Thehistorical data linked to HE Base can also be retrieved from outside, either if the customer has purchased the INAZ Payroll software, or if the customer has this information on other computer media (e.g. Excel files or Access databases). In the latter case, an analysis operation from the data present on these supports will be necessary in order to evaluate the eventual normalization and import operations.
  • The He Base software offers the functionality to extract flows to other procedures, both internal and external.


HE Base is available in:

  • License
  • ASP
  • Outsourcing

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