HExperience, the HR platform to work better


HExperience is the HR platform focused on people and not just on processes. This web-based application integrates and streamlines solutions, tools and information to help everyone work better. It makes talent management, cooperation and innovative types of organisation easier. The HExperience platform is a powerful database with all the operating modules you need. And you get exactly what you want: just useful functions for your organisation, with certified rules and information that are always up to date.

A shared solution conceived for people - HExperience is a truly simple experience, whatever the type of user and their role in the organisation.

An easy-to-access, user-friendly device plus an integrated technological platform - HExperience is always available, from any device. Information is stored in a cloud, in a single database, which collects all information in real time.

An advanced project: expertise and continual updates - Not just a product, but an original, fully-comprehensive solution, combining technological support, plus assistance with organisational and regulatory aspects. HExperience is ideal for any company infrastructure. Startup is quick. And Inaz guarantees advice and updates.


More involvement for people in-company - Working together and sharing are even easier with quick, easy HR operations that are clear for everyone, thanks to a self-service system, flexible workflows, wizards and intelligent rules.

A greater vision for HR management - For staff who work with personnel, HExperience makes it easy to network, set up groups and share information about targets, projects, topics and activities. And in particular find out about the different talents of people and make them available to the company, at all times.

Whatever the reality of your organisation, the business model you use, cost centres and locations worldwide, HExperience supports HR management at work.

A Better data quality - With HE Base HExperience all data is correct, validated, and readily available. All information on the workforce is combined, to monitor business results and make decisions in useful time. With no need for spreadsheets or unaligned processes.


HE stands for Human Energy - combined with Experience.



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