Covid-19 Temperature scanner

Body temperature detection software with access management

For the health protection of company personnel

Inaz TDI addresses the body temperature screening needs made necessary by the widespread use of Covid-19. With temperature sensing solutions your business can get off to a safe start!

Ideal for work and commercial applications, the Inaz TDI (Thermal Detection Instrument) system provides high accuracy and operational speed to monitor the health status of employees in seconds and preserving safety distances. The software is able to measure the body temperature of everyone passing through the company’s gates: employees, customers, suppliers…

The thermographic camera offered by Inaz leveragesAI (artificial intelligence) to analyze a person’s face and detect possible febrile states.

Temperature detection system: the features

The thermographic camera is available in bullet type (ceiling mounted) or turret type (wall mounted) and allows monitoring of body temperature even if the person is wearing personal protective equipment such as masks. The accuracy of the temperature detection is guaranteed by the Bi-Spectrum technology that makes the devices suitable for installation in different working contexts where there is a high density of individuals in continuous movement.

The Inaz clocking and access terminals are equipped with a software that dialogues with the thermographic cameras and allows the visualization of the temperature and the sending of the data to the attendance system for the automatic generation of the justification of ability or non ability to work.

The advantages

The Inaz body temperature system is simple to use and configure. Below are the main benefits of using it:

  • Safe – Radiometric cameras make it possible to measure the employee’s temperature while respecting hygienic safety distances, as they can be installed on the ceiling or wall. Any risk of infection is therefore effectively prevented.
  • Fast – Temperature detection is done very quickly, thus avoiding the crowding of employees queuing for inspection.
  • Reliable – Detection accuracy is ensured by combiningartificial intelligence with sophisticated temperature calculation algorithms, which makes possible anaccuracy of less than 0.5°.

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