Payroll Software for Seafarers Maritime Payroll Management

Simple, immediate and effective: payroll software is the ideal tool for processing payroll and administering navigational personnel.

Maritime Payroll Software is the most comprehensive solution available on the market and is already in use among industry leaders.

It’s the solution dedicated to the Maritime sector to manage the entire cycle of payroll processing and administration of seafarers in a simple and immediate way.

It contains all the necessary functions such as the progressive fiscal recalculation on all the coupons following the first one in the same month, the management of more than one coupon per ship, the management of the currency in dollars for non-EU countries, the calendar with automatic valorization of the compensatory rest, the management of the severance pay with accrual in international regime, ordinary regime and liquidation and moreover the adjustment to all the specific norms foreseen for the maritime sector.

Who the software is for

The software is aimed at companies of any size belonging to the maritime sector.

Management payroll seafarers: the features

  • Management of the data of each worker in a single registry, regardless of the number of employment relationships with the same company
  • Management of multiple coupons in the month by ship
  • In the presence of several coupons in the same month, the progressive tax recalculation is carried out on all the coupons following the first.
  • Management of Employee Severance Indemnity with accrual in international regime, ordinary regime and liquidation
  • Manage shots in 360mi
  • Management Thirteenth and Fourteenth Maritime
  • Tax and contribution exemption for ships registered in the International Registry
  • Deferral of contributions or withholding taxes for Seafarers
  • IPSEMA management with related complaints and forms

Payroll Software for Seafarers: THE DELIVERY MODES

The software is available in:

  • License
  • ASP
  • Outsourcing

The advantages

  • Printing of several monthly payslips of the same worker separated by ship
  • In the input phase, as many coupons are processed as there are work relationships in the archive.
  • Automatic insertion of data present in the archives of additional TFR and Income from other subjects, in the case of re-hiring at the same or another company; complete management of the re-hiring process
  • Currency payment management
  • Management of seafarers in CRL (Continuity of Employment)
  • Calendar with automatic valorization of compensatory rests
  • Automatic insertion of all data to verify the service status of the worker, in case of new hire, rehire, or termination of the relationship
  • Simplifying administrative processes and reducing costs and opportunities for error

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