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L'informatore Inaz is a weekly information service of in-depth analysis and professional updating on Labor, Tax, Management and Administration of personnel.

L'informatore, aggiornamento professionale

L’informatore Inaz, a weekly information service of in-depth analysis and professional updating in the field of Labor, Tax, Management and administration of personnel.

With competence and authority, it gives readers the support they need to safely solve the problems and cases that are faced daily in the business and study activities.

The accessible and clear language, the extremely operational cut, the examples and practical suggestions proposed in the sections dedicated to Work, Tax, Social Security, Public Employment and Management integrate methods and professional contributions.

You can directly consult online and download on your PC the latest issue or search by topic/author/year what you are interested in, among the back issues of the last ten years. You will also have the following in-depth sections available:

  • Job Notes and Press Notes the news of the week, the rules of Work in the Official Gazette and press review of the major periodicals in the sector
  • Professional Update the operational commentary on the latest legislation.
  • Update Payroll Office the chronology and the way to comply with the obligations and an interesting view of the advances of the National Collective Bargaining Agreement

Reserved for subscribers to L’informatore, the consultation of the online Compendium, a real hypertext database updated with current legislation.


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