Inaz, INnovazione AZiendale

A company of people for people

The book, written by Vera Zamagni, is part of the series "Storie di imprese" and traces the evolution of Inaz in over 70 years of life.

Inaz, Innovazione Aziendale

INAZ is a company founded in 1948 by Valerio Gilli to offer companies a new method of management of the Payroll Office. Grown up with the fundamental contribution of his wife Clara Calissano, in the 1980’s the first generational passage began with his daughter Linda Gilli and the transition towards the use of electronic instruments.

At the turn of the 21st century, the generational transition was completed and the company’s mission expanded from the Payroll Department to the management of Human Resources first and then Human Capital. Today, Linda’s children have completed the repositioning of programs to the cloud.

After more than seventy years of life, INAZ, which has become a medium-sized company of “Fourth Capitalism”, with more than 50 million euros of turnover and more than 500 employees, presents itself as a virtuous example of a family business, capable of maintaining its values and of exercising a proactive corporate responsibility.


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