app iterm

iTerm is the app that works as a virtual badge, making easy the organization of staff that moves to different locations.

With iTerm each employee can stamp directly from its mobile device, sending all the information on the place where it is located through GPS coordinates, on the entry and exit times and the assigned activities that is taking place. A logbook, to be consulted at any time.

It is the perfect solution for all employees moving for work: from staff dedicated to social and health care on different sites, to surveillance, to cleaners, to sales and technicians who move continuously. Without any need for the company to install terminals in the various workplaces, the moving employee can register and send all the information they need related their activities.

And if to be always on the move are not only the individual, but entire teams, iTerm can also be used as a real clock timbre. The team managers can collect all the stamps of employees and collaborators, even temporary worker, through NFC tags or QR codes. The HR office receives these data in real time and can check them at any time. T&A with iTerm becomes simple and precise, from construction sites to catering kitchens.

iTerm is also available on Apple Watch, with all data constantly synchronizing with the iPhone app. Stamping becomes the simplest and most natural of gestures.

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