Spiritualità nell'impresa

Giorgio Carbone, Angelo Ferro e Marco Vitale. Ed. Piccola Biblioteca d’Impresa Inaz 2011, €. 10.00

In recent years, leverage has been used exaggeratedly, with short-term goals dictated by the lust for money. The true aim has been overlooked: the common good, which can only be achieved by putting the human being at the centre of actions.

Spiritualità nell'impresa

In today’s economic framework, aims and means are too often confused. There is a risk of losing sight of the centrality of man and the dimension of the common good. To overcome this difficult moment, in the ordinary times we are living, it is increasingly important to recover the dimension of the spirit that differentiates the human being from all other living beings on earth. An economic and business paradigm shift is needed where the spiritual dimension is recovered, in the intelligence of knowing and the will to act.

Publishing series "Piccola Biblioteca d'Impresa"

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