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Work, value and remuneration methods from antiquity to the present day

The book traces the history of how human labour has been valued and remunerated from antiquity to the present day in the light of the cultures that have most shaped global economic development

Economia Sociale di mercato in lavorazione Cover 234.5x177 CORRE

Remuneration in cash and in kind have been variously combined up to the present day, also depending on the degree of freedom to provide labour, since the transition from a natural to a monetary economy.

From early on, the tension between mere compensation for the effort provided and the survival needs of the worker and his or her family has been present in practice and discussed at the theoretical-moral level, with important implications for the structure of remuneration.

The book was presented in May 2018 during the conference The remuneration of labour, from Salarium to Industry 4.0.

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