La prima impresa industriale di Camillo Olivetti e il paradigma olivettiano

Carlo G.Lacaita, M.Vitale. Ed.Piccola Biblioteca d’Impresa Inaz 2014, €. 10.00

This Inaz volume, with an afterword by Marco Vitale, is dedicated to Camillo Olivetti and the business paradigm he helped found.

Economia Sociale di mercato in lavorazione Cover 234.5x177 CORRE

The 1912 paper, published here for the first time, is the report presented by Olivetti’s first industry, the ‘C.G.S. Società anonima per istrumenti elettrici’, already Camillo Olivetti & C. Milan, at the Industry Competition organised by the Reale Istituto lombardo di Scienze e Lettere in 1913

Publishing series "Piccola Biblioteca d'Impresa"

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