Il Budget del Personale

A valuable support for the strategic construction of the personnel budget

Personnel budgeting: a comprehensive guide to building the most appropriate management and forecasting model.

Budget del personale

When people talk about staffing budgets, they often think of simply forecasting staffing costs. In reality, the personnel budget is a monitoring and administrative management tool for the company and, above all, a fundamental support for the strategic management of human capital and its enhancement.

This book is a comprehensive guide to building a staffing budget system, regardless of the type and size of business. Through the analysis of the business context and human resources development policies, passing through a careful survey of the elements that make up the cost of labor, the manual accompanies the reader in the step by step construction of the most appropriate management and forecasting model. An up-to-date educational tool dedicated to HR professionals, full of practical insights.

Contains an operational appendix with a case study implemented and developed using Inaz software.

An indispensable tool for monitoring and forecasting personnel costs

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