Filosofia ed Economia: un’antica alleanza rinnovata

D. Bodega, S. Brancaccio, C. De Florio, G. Fabi, L. Gilli, G. Manara, M. Marassi, L. Soressi Serena, M. Vitale. Ed.Piccola Biblioteca d’Impresa Inaz 2021, €. 10.00

The book offers a reflection on the need for "thinking" that pervades contemporary economic theory and practice.

Filosofia ed economia: una antica alleanza rinnovata

There is a need to reflect on the ways forward in order to meet the very complex challenges ahead. In order to start again, restart and reinvent the way of working and doing business, we need to go back to basics. And this is where the ancient alliance between economics and philosophy comes back into play.

Publishing series "Piccola Biblioteca d'Impresa"

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