Economia sociale di mercato e umanesimo d'impresa

V. Negri Zamagni, A. Quadrio Curzio, M. Vitale. Ed. Piccola Biblioteca d’Impresa Inaz 2012, €. 10.00

Alongside profitability and profit, attention must be paid to the worker, understood first and foremost as a human being. Economic action is framed in the broader context of the dignity of the person and his social nature.

Economia Sociale di mercato e umanesimo d'impresa

The social market economy is an economic thought that could offer a concrete way out of the deep and structural crisis. As Marco Vitale states “…the social market economy is a thought that has proven to withstand bad times. Social liberalism, as Alberto Quadrio Curzio prefers to call it, helps us to say: we are not lost without compasses, we have a set of experiences, knowledge, knowledge that have withstood the bad times and that give us some direction’.

Publishing series "Piccola Biblioteca d'Impresa"

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