Ali Reza Arabnia - History and values of an entrepreneur

Alessandro Zattoni. Ed.Piccola Biblioteca d’Impresa Inaz 2017, €. 10.00

The book tells the story of Geico Taikisha, a company based in Cinisello Balsamo that has beaten the crisis thanks to a responsible approach to work and company management.

Ali Reza Arabnia - Storia e valori di un imprenditore

The story of Ali Reza Arabnia and Geico is a very clear example of how it is possible to renew business models by paying attention to people, to principles and values of responsibility and courage that can guarantee a new dimension of doing business, capable of going beyond the usual managerial schemes for an innovation that is not only technological but also cultural.

Publishing series "Piccola Biblioteca d'Impresa"

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