Why Us


The first Italian company to deal with Human Resources management  since 1948.  We started from the old paper docket, over time we created all the software and hardware tools that are used to manage and administer human resources.

– Italians. We do not use tailored solutions from other Nations. Our tools are native Italians, created to meet the specific needs of all companies in many countries. In addition, our software support agencies and 49 points spread over the territory ensure direct assistance and widespread to all client companies in Italy an some ferengins countries.

Producers. We work with our tools. Developed through years of study and development, continually updated in response to regulatory changes.

Experts. Our study Center monitors continuously the regulatory changes, in dialogue with the institutions, it responds authoritatively to the many questions.

With 450 experts, 49 software support agencies and 32 service points throughout Italy, for sixty years Inaz produces innovative solutions to manage and administer the staff, provides outsourcing services, training, publishing.